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Brno and its internationally significant architectural monuments


In 2011, visitors and tourists in Brno opened the gates Brno underground and beneath the Green Market.
Visitors pass through the historical system of tunnels and cellars, which dates from the Middle Ages. The tour will offer many surprises such as a historic pillory.
The tour is reminiscent of the famous alchemist's laboratory doctors, pharmacists and fyzikusy who worked in Brno and made famous city across Europe.
As a reminder to the wine tradition, you will find an old wine cellar and a historic tavern. More information ...


Ossuary at St. James opened to the public in 2012. Visitors can see unique spaces that were discovered in 2001.
The number of skeletal remains is the ossuary at St. James the second largest in Europe after Paris catacombs.
From the anthropological analysis shows that there are victims buried plagues of the Middle Ages, war victims of the Thirty Years War and the time of the siege of Brno.

For foreign visitors there are texts in 7 languages. More information ...


This is the most secret cover at the Brno, which dates from the communist era (1959) and served for the political leaders of cities and counties. It was built under the Nazis as a shelter Luftschutz before the US and Soviet bombing of Brno.
The shelter was built in 1959 and could stay in it at one time to 500 people important to the management of cities and counties.

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THE NIGHT Excursion to 10- Z - Take a Torches with YOU !!!!!


Would you like to see the wine cellar in South Moravia? Feel free to visit the village Valtice, which offers not only a visit of wine cellar and cellar tour and degustation, but also the opportunity to visit the beauty Lednice-Valtice area.

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Jungle Park

vila Tugendhat
Jungle park - climbing center is located in the beautiful forest around the river Svratka in the immediate vicinity of the Brno Riviera pool and BVV exhibition . Currently offers fun and adrenaline in trees for the whole family. Jungle park has 4 climbing routes with 83 obstacles. Thanks to securing system offers safe climbing for children from 4 years (or rather the height of 100 cm climber). Climbing center is also a great place for school trips and corporate events. More information you find at the hotel reception or website

Aquapark Brno Kohoutovice

vila Tugendhat
Kohoutovice Aquapark is a sports and relaxation area, where visitors will find an active life in the form of twenty five meter fitness pool and gym facilities. For your relaxation serve recreational pool, steam room, sauna or whirlpool. In the summer months it is used rooftop pool with sun terrace, children enjoy the children's wading pool, daring visitors to delight the water slide or wild river. More information you find at the hotel reception or website .

Outdoor swimming pool Riviera Brno

vila Tugendhat
Outdoor swimming pool Riviera is one of the largest natural outdoor swimming pool in the Czech Republic. There are pools with a total length of 390 m. Its situational layout is suitable not only for relaxation but also for actively spent time near the city of Brno. Riviera resort consists of two connected units - from free zones and pay pool area. More information you find at the hotel reception or website .



Villa Tugendhat in Brno is a unique functionalist work of the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who developed in 1928 at the request of Mrs. Grete and Fritz Tugendhat, the design of the building. In 2001,

Villa Tugendhat was registered in the list of UNESCO.

Castle Špilberk

49°11'40.498"N, 16°35'57.367"E

Špilberk The castle was built in the second half of the 13th century Margrave of Moravia (and later King of Bohemia) Otakar II. and over the centuries has gone through many significant changes. An integral part is the feared prison - casemates.

In 1962 the castle and park were declared a national cultural monument. The castle also has a permanent exhibition and current art exhibitions.

Castle Veveří

49°15'24.455"N, 16°27'37.270"E

Hrad Veveří

Veveří castle was probably built in the second half of the 12th century. Besides the usual tours of interiors, Veveří Castle offers several seasonal exhibitions, free tour almost the entire complex. In each season there are several concerts, theater performances, traditional crafts markets and similar events.

Pavilon Anthropos

49°11'31.396"N, 16°34'1.746"E


Anthropos is located on the right bank of the river Svratka in Brno - Pisárky (near BVV). It has a permanent exhibition about history of the oldest settlement in Moravia and Europe.

Mendel museum

49°11'27.353"N, 16°35'38.365"E

Mendelovo muzeum a památník zakladatele genetiky

Mendel museum offers a permanent exhibition dedicated to the founder of genetics Gregor Johann Mendel.

The Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Bazilika Nanebevzetí Panny Marie

The Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is one of the most important Gothic monuments of Brno. It is located at Mendel square.

Moravian Museum

Moravské zemské muzeum Brno

Moravian Museum is the second largest and second oldest museum institution in the Czech Republic and the largest and oldest museum in Moravia.

Vranov near Brno

49°18'36.897"N, 16°36'53.434"E

Vranov u Brna

In the village Vranov near Brno is a baroque church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary with extraordinary Gothic sculpture of the Madonna, which is an important Marian pilgrimage places. It the church is located the crypt of the Liechtenstein family, estate owners and builders of the church.

Adamov - Josefov - Museum of Iron

49°18'25.889"N, 16°40'40.503"E

Stará Huť u Adamova

Josefov valley leads 5 km hiking trail which focuses on the geology, botany, zoology, ecology.

Macocha Abyss

49°22'23.646"N, 16°43'47.802"E

Propast Macocha

Macocha Abyss is the most famous abyss in the Moravian Karst and is part of the Punkva caves. Depth of the abyss is 138.4 m. At the bottom are the Upper and Lower macocha pond.

Katerinska cave

49°21'38.451"N, 16°42'39.504"E

Kateřinská jeskyně

Katerinska Cave has about 500 tunnels. Unique phenomenon are stalagmites reaching up to four-meter length.

Hill Žuráň

49°10'49.047"N, 16°44'16.432"E


Žuráň is a hill in the village Podolí. Napoleon Bonaparte conducted battle of Austerlitz on the 2nd December 1805. It is also an important archaeological site of the Migration Period.

Village Tvarožná

49°11'31.276"N, 16°46'15.909"E


Tvarožná village and its nearest surroundings in December every year is the scene of commemoration of the "Battle of the Three Emperors".

Peace monument a Brno

49°8'28.198"N, 16°45'52.795"E

Mohyla míru

Secession Peace Monument is 26 meters tall stylized pyramid from the years 1910-1912.

Brno > Village Klobouky near Brno

48°59'36.127"N, 16°51'33.054"E

Klobouky u Brna

City with a renaissance chateauin which are collections of ethnographic museums. Above the village is the wooden windmill, which was restored in 1985 on the former the mill, which was destroyed at the end of the World War II.

Castle Lednice

48°47'47.461"N, 16°48'3.276"E

Zámek Lednice

Lednice-Valtice area is registered in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Castle and other buildings in Lednice are open from April to September. In this period, you can also get into the Lednice by ship, which is anchored in Breclav or Janohrad.

Vlčnov > Ride of the Kings

49°0'33.890"N, 17°34'51.579"E

Jízda Králů

The village folklore traditions are maintained example is the Ride of the Kings, a custom reminiscent escape of King Matthias Corvinus in the 15th century.


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