Ubytování Brno In the sixties of the nineteenth century, built a citizen of Brno in the woods on the hill above Pisárkami the pub, which quickly became a popular destination of Brno citizens. Pubs visited such personalities as was already known writers - Jiri Mahen, Rudolf and Vladislav Vancura Těsnohlídek.

Those free friends got to like this pub so much that planted a young pine tree in front of the pub, which still grows. Remember these times, Jiří Mahen's widow, Mrs. Karla Mahen, who together with her sister until her sister's death regularly on Sunday visited this charming place. However, the building was converted over the years on smaller poultry farm, and then even completely destroyed.

Location was so appealingly graceful, that there was during the two years 1942 - 1943, at nearly the same location as the previous pub built building, which served as a sports club and was called Jägerhaus. After the second World War the building was adapted to the operation of the innkeeper and the style of operation was equipped as a hunting lodge. Thanks to the delightful view of the city of Brno and first-class cuisine quickly became popular again. This tradition has helped to consolidate an important young musician with his orchestra, who regularly played on the terrace to listen and dance and thus began his great career. The young musician was none other than world renowned jazzmann, Mr. Gustav Brom and his excellent orchestra.

In November 1987 was built to the original building the side wing - wing of the hotel designed by Ing.arch. Dvorak.

Since that time has become HOTEL MYSLIVNA Brno transitional home not only for guests from around the world passing through our city whether on business or holiday visits, but also home of Brno for businessmen, entrepreneurs, sports celebrities of the world, cultural and social life.

We are confident that during your stay in our beautiful city of Brno, you will choose to stay with us.

We will be honored by your visit.

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