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To our hotel with a dog




hotel Brno, ubytování Brno

The hotel Myslivna Brno is a paradise for travelers with pets. We are ready to accommodate owners of dogs and cats as well as their pets. Size does not matter, it can be even wolfhound. During the frequent dog show but also throughout the whole year we provide maximum comfort to all the guests who want to stay with their animal family members.

During the dog show dogs are accommodated for very reasonable price and we provide them beds for pet in perfectly cleaned rooms. Clean discarded bed linen and towels are given to their owners. They can be used for cleaning the pets and to make them beautiful to the show.

We know that for every animal lover his pet is as a family member, therefore we do not have any restriction at hotel for dogs movement. That applies only if the dog is not on a leash, he should have a muzzle in order to not hurt other guests. The only restriction which regarding ban of dogs is outside on a playground because of children. But we hope we do not have to remind this fact to conscious owners.

Surroundings of the hotel invites you for a walk with your dog. You are in forest area which is very spacious and quiet, so it is ideal for walking the dog, free movement of animals in the forest is not restricted by hotel. The dog is in the forest and for his owner is ready the staff on the terrace but also in the hotel restaurant (of course where access is not restricted to dogs) comply with all your wishes.

The hotel is known for its delicious Czech cuisine and terrace offer wonderful view of the Brno city.

In addition, it takes just 10 minutes to Brno Exhibition Centre. During the exhibitions we have special prices for an accommodation and the pet owners are invited during a whole year.

Long-term activity in this area and tradition MYSLIVNA HOTEL BRNO is positively reflected in the providing of services and facilities for our customers. You can verify the satisfaction of independent site

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If you take with you your dog or cat, please follow these recommendations. We do not want you in any way restrict the enjoyment of your holiday, but please, on the other side even your pets different natures do not restricted holiday of other guests who share the accommodation with you.

The rule is simple - Be considerate! You know your pet. In most cases stays with pets are absolutely trouble-free (children are often worse, even if they are accepted almost everywhere: o)) but it is good to mention possible problems - an unfortunate matter can go wrong either your holiday or turn away accommodation facility to accommodation of other pets. Are known the experience of operators of accommodation facilities, which also accommodated customers with their pets, but sometimes them customer conceal puddles after their pets, wipe a dirty dog in a sheet or hiding a sheet torn out - please not that way, it damages all responsible dog owners, all we can certainly deal honestly - honestly admit even small accidents: o)

Please be considerate of the accommodation facility! - Protect the property of the accommodation facility from destruction. Take along a few fabric cushion (such as an old sheet) on the bed (as if 2 people on a 4-bed room) - multiply stock cushion if your dog is in heat. And fundamentally, please do not leave your pet in the room itself, especially if has a tendency to scramble the door. In a foreign environment is the animal stressed and may behave erratically.

Be considerate of other guests! - Be aware that not all people share a passion for the game of your pet and by far may not come them cute. Somebody is scared and has also the right to own peace. So automatically seine dog with you to restaurant - ask first if it does not matter. Always have prepared leash and if the dog bites so definitely have muzzle. On a walk when the dog let out the pull leash see if it does not approach other dog or people (especially children and cyclists) and react in time. Do not allow the dog to go on childrens sandbox and playgrounds. Finally, you know what an angel you have and what apply to him: o). In addition your dog may in react differently because of the foreign environment, he can be nervous or irritated.

Be considerate of other dogs! - Maybe they could play, but also bite.

After all - you know all these things from your daily experience .....

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Do not forget to pack bowl and food, some toys for throwing or biting, but also pack a towel washed the paws and above bedspread or your own dog bed. On walks take a pack for excrements. Definitely do not forget vaccination certificate - in a foreign environment may behave differently and if your dog someone attacked in accident you must have vaccination certificate to hand.

If you bring a cat on holiday, pack even potty, clumping granules and enough plastic bags for taking out potty. When you have a cat in a room, sometimes there is a problem with ventilation, your cat can run away because of the open window - please take a (bungee) (spider / elastic straps with hooks), or string, which can help you to make a smaller slit.

Do not accommodate your pets secretly - always announce it to the staff (sometimes it is for free, sometimes not). This rule also applies to cats, rather put a note on the door for housekeeping in order to not clean your room, because sometimes can happen that your cat run away them into the hall or outside of the hotel. Otherwise, the cat is a real angel during traveling, do not worry, it usually behaves better than the dog.

When you go for a walk, keep your dog on a leash - in order to not frighten game, endanger children and other dog owners, run across the way of cyclists, knock down someone during frolicking on narrow roads or run away in an unknown environment. If your dog got lost somewhere, try to influence his early finding by chip, control of the correct data for the older chip, or at least address written on the collar. Clean up excrements from your dog when you are on a walk in public space.

When traveling by car do not forget to give the animal water, give him enough space (to be able to stand up and turn around), transport it securely (preferably separate bars), keep him fresh air and do not expose it to sunlight (it is very sensitive to overheating). I am sure he will do well even stop and walk (in the case of cats with longer secure way to walking, if the cat is more wild and the harness should be dragged and ran). So be considerate and enjoy your holiday in peace together with your faithful pet! ENJOY BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE roving the feet!


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